Retail Dogma

About Us

Founded in 2020, Retail Dogma was created to provide online education for retail owners and professionals. We aim to bridge the knowledge gap between what is taught at business schools and the in-depth, specialized knowledge that is relevant to retail & ecommerce businesses.

From specific performance metrics and industry related benchmarks, to merchandising, buying and inventory related topics, we comprehensively cover the required knowledge that can help retail owners succeed in running their businesses, and retail professionals grow in their careers.

We employ different learning tools and mediums to deliver the information, including guides, videos, online tools, case studies, courses and practice exercises. We make sure that we always tie the theoretical information to real-life examples and scenarios, because our goal is to deliver the most actionable & practical knowledge.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower retailers around the world, by providing the required knowledge, that will help them run their retail or ecommerce businesses more efficiently.

We aim to become the most useful resource for retail owners & professionals at every step in their journey.

Meet Your Instructor

The academy curriculum and the entire educational library of articles and guides have been developed, and are delivered, by Rasha Mahmoud; a professional retailer with 14 years of experience in running retail & ecommerce businesses in 3 different countries.

Rasha has graduated with a BSc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences with high honors in 2005, and later on joined the MBA program at the German University in Cairo, where she majored in Strategic Management & Marketing, and graduated in 2017 with honors. Her master’s thesis focused on the effect of visual merchandising at retail stores on consumer purchase behavior.

She started her career working at her family’s retail pharmacy, but later on decided to start her own small fashion ecommerce business in 2008, and then joined corporate retail in 2012, where she worked at different franchise fashion & beauty brands (H&M, Bath &Body Works and Victoria’s Secret) in operational roles, and then managed a home-grown lingerie business in Bahrain end-to-end for 5 years. 

Throughout her journey, Rasha has personally faced a lot of challenges in finding good, comprehensive retail education online, and that’s why in 2020 she started Retail Dogma to become a useful online educational resource for retailers; where she combines the knowledge she obtained from her professional, corporate experience, with the education she received through the MBA program.

She has developed a unique curriculum for The Professional Retail Academy (PRA), that aims to create a new generation of all-round retailers, who know their numbers very well and think commercially, but also have a broad, strategic mindset, obtained from learning strategy, marketing, economics and other essential, generic business knowledge.

She believes that such a combination of skills and knowledge enables retailers to make better business decisions.