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About Us

Founded by Rasha Mahmoud in 2020, Retail Dogma, Inc. was created to assist retail & e-commerce business owners and young professionals in one of the most important aspects of running a retail business, and that is: Mastering all the numbers.

A lot of retail & ecommerce businesses struggle financially in their first few years due to the lack of knowledge of very specific aspects of this business, such as managing margins, projecting cash flows correctly, calculating the right buying budget or getting the most productivity out of their inventory

Rasha has gone through the entire e-commerce startup process herself when she started one of the first online fashion stores in the Middle East in 2008 and managed it for 4 years. She later went on to work at major retailers like H&M, Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret & Landmark Group (a major retail conglomerate in the Middle East). 

In 2017 she received her master’s degree in Strategic Management & Marketing, where she wrote her thesis about consumer behavior in retail settings. 

Through Retail Dogma, she aims to make otherwise complicated calculations and tasks as easy as 1-2-3, step-by-step, processes that are easy to learn and master over time. We try our best to simplify everything and make it easy for anyone starting out in retail or e-commerce to succeed in managing such a business.

We achieve this by providing the education, tools, templates, and the best practices we have learned after professionally working in this industry for more than a decade.

All the articles, guides and every instructional content on have been solely written by Rasha.

Message from Rasha

I started retailing when I was a kid, helping my mom at her pharmacy.

It is my passion, and when you read my articles, you will know why I love this job so much and why it is so fulfilling.

I know a lot of you might be just starting out on their e-commerce project or their retail career and feel overwhelmed by all the technical knowledge and numbers involved in running such a business. I’ve been there too!

I hope Retail Dogma will be a valuable resource for a lot of people around the world, and succeed in empowering them with the knowledge & tools needed to run a profitable retail & ecommerce business.