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Self-paced learning that's available to your teams 24/7

Unlimited access to the entire courses & content library

Online, self-paced learning experience

Track course progress for your team members

Branded URL & company page

Assign team leaders to different groups

Customize learning paths for different roles

Role-Specific Paths

Choose from our created learning paths or customize your own

Focuses on the commercial aspects of retail management, and is suitable for buying, merchandising and category roles

Focuses on the operational aspects of retail management, and is suitable for store management and retail operations roles

Focuses on retail management at store level, and is suitable for Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers

Give your teams access to our in-depth, practical retail education

created and delivered by us, and curated by you



minimum 3 learners


per learner - 12 months access

for more than 6 learners, please contact sales


minimum 3 learners


per learner - 12 months access

for more than 6 learners, please contact sales

Contact Sales


    For small orders of up to 6 learners, simply complete your order online and once we receive your order, we will contact you to start setting up your team accounts.

    For orders above 6 seats please contact us to prepare your invoice and advice you on available payment methods.

    Business plans can be paid by Credit/Debit cards or Bank Transfer/ ACH, depending on the number of seats purchased. Contact us for a quote and available payment methods.

    No, it won’t.

    All business plans are valid for one term only (one year). After the plan expires, you may request to renew it by placing a new order.


    Once you are on a business plan, you will be able to add other members who join your company later on one by one. No need to enroll a minimum number of learners at once.

    No, there aren’t.

    You will only pay the quoted amount once and if you want to extend or renew your subscription you can do this manually by placing a new order.

    Because of the nature of our digital products and materials, all sales are final. We will not be able to issue refunds.

    We encourage you to browse all the free content that we have here on our website, and if you are happy with it, you can expect the same quality from the content in the members area.

    If you purchase any business plan, please allow for 1 to 3 business days after your payment has been received to setup your team accounts and groups.

    In the members area there is a link under “Team Leaders” that takes to a dashboard to track the course progress of the team members. Please note that the team leader must be signed up to the plan, in order to be able to access the members area.

    Please note that only the assigned team leaders, that you have designated upon setting up the accounts and groups, will be able to view this page. Each team leader will only be able to see the progress of their respective team members.

    No, they don’t.

    Our courses are non-credit courses, i.e they will not give credit that can be used to earn an academic degree.

    The goal of The Professional Retail Academy (PRA) ™ is to bridge the gap between what is taught at business schools, and the practical knowledge that is actually applied on a day-to-day basis in retail businesses.

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