Retail Dogma


Amazon Effect: Definition & Impact

Whats is Amazon Effect? Amazon Effect is a term used to describe the disruption that online retail has brought to the traditional brick & mortar retail model. Although the term refers to the general impact of ecommerce, including all players, it is associated with Amazon because it is the biggest player, and the first to …

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Online Retail: Definition & Process

What is Online Retail? Online retail is the selling of merchandise in small quantities to the general public over the internet. It is part of the Retail Trade sector and is classified by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) under nonstore retailers. The NAICS code for online retail is 454110 Online Retail Vs. Ecommerce …

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Bounce Rate for Ecommerce Stores

What is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors that arrive at a website and leave without clicking to any other pages. Since ecommerce websites are transactional in nature, with the primary goal to convert visitors from browsers to shoppers by completing a transaction, bounce rate becomes an important metric for online stores. …

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How Retail Arbitrage Works

What is Retail Arbitrage? Retail arbitrage is buying an item below its market value from one seller and selling it at a higher price to another buyer who is willing to pay more for it. The Steps of Online Retail Arbitrage The concept of arbitrage itself is not restricted to retail. It is present in …

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