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Luxury Fashion Brands

The luxury retail scene is largely consolidated under few, major conglomerates. Most of the top luxury fashion brands belong to the biggest luxury retail groups, that are operating multiple brands under their umbrella. These large conglomerates have been established long time ago, and have, over time, either created the brands themselves or acquired them. Having …

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What is Luxury Retail?

Luxury retail is a segment in the retail industry that specializes in selling high-end goods that are characterized by high quality, high prices and a high degree of exclusivity. Read Also: What is a Luxury Brand? Over the last few years, the luxury retail industry has seen a tremendous growth, and in this article we …

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The Fashion Pyramid

The Fashion pyramid is a market segmentation pyramid that segregates fashion brands based on price, quality and creativity. The higher the segmentation level, the higher are those characteristics in this brand. The five levels of fashion segmentation are Haute Couture, Ready-to-Wear (RTW), Diffusion, Bridge and Mass Market. Haute Couture At the top of the fashion …

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