Retail Dogma


Hard Goods and Soft Goods in Retail

Hard goods and soft goods, or hardlines and softlines, are often used in categorizing product departments in merchandising and category management at big retail stores and big online retailers, such as Walmart, Target and Amazon. Hardlines Vs. Softlines Hardlines and softlines are usually merchandised and sold to customers in different ways. They also differ in …

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Store Layout

The store layout is the schematic design that shows the entire retail space and the locations of fixtures and display props around the store. It is meant to help the visual merchandiser plan the best way to utilize the available space for display, in order to deliver the highest sales per square foot, while maintaining …

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Size Run

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Visual Merchandising: Definition, Elements & Importance

Visual Merchandising (VM) is the art of using a retailer’s products and combining it with other visual elements (props, lighting, materials, artwork,..etc) to create an appealing visual display of the merchandise offered for sale. The main goal of visual merchandising is to maximize sales through creative display of merchandise. History of Visual Merchandising The concept …

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