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Merchandising & Inventory Management

Online course on merchandising and managing inventory for retail businesses.

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Merchandising & Inventory Management Course Overview

In this in-depth course on merchandising and inventory management, students learn about the different tasks performed under the merchandising function, with the end goal of maximizing returns on inventory investment.

It starts by laying out the merchandise flow cycle and the different stages inventory goes through within the retail business.

Students will then get to know the different types of sales and inventory reports, how to generate them and how to use them for managing inventory.

The course also explains in details the entire process of managing markdowns. Starting from the planning phase, through the execution and the management of sale events, and after sale options for inventory.

The course then explains how to analyze all the findings after the season has ended, and use these insights to plan effectively for upcoming seasons’ purchases.

Merchandising & Inventory Management Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Generate and analyze sales and inventory reports
  • Perform stock allocations and replenishments
  • Manage the markdowns process
  • Analyze data for future merchandise planning
  • Create an Open to Buy plan in excel sheet

Upon completing the course and passing the final assessment, students get a course completion certificate.

This course includes :

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career certificate in retail management
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