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Retail Growth & Expansion

Online course explaining the different strategies and methods used to grow a retail business.

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Retail Growth & Expansion Course Overview

This course builds on the previous strategic management course, and explores different strategies and methods to grow a retail business.

Retail growth strategies

In particular, the course focuses on horizontal growth and gets deeper into:

  • Market Development
  • Products Assortment Expansion
  • Business Model Innovation

Students will learn how to expand into new markets, using different strategies and tactics in addition to opening new stores.

The course also covers different techniques to analyze and generate new product opportunities, and the process to manage the product innovation process

Retail Business Model

At the end, the course goes into an often overlooked way to grow and expand a retail business, and that is through business model innovation, and presents cases of successful retail and ecommerce businesses that have adopted and invented new business models from outside the industry.

Retail Growth & Expansion Course Objectives:

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the different strategies and techniques to grow a retail business
  • Analyze and assess new markets for expansion
  • Manage the product innovation process
  • Understand the core business model for retail and alternative business models
  • Understand the different barriers to consumption
  • Create or adopt a new business model to expand the business

Upon completing the course and passing the final assessment, students get a course completion certificate.

This course includes :

Complete one of the following learning paths & receive a path completion certificate!

career certificate in retail management
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