Retail Dogma



Short, actionable and specific blueprints to teach you very specialized retail & ecommerce knowledge.

Ready-to-use templates to get you started faster.

… also enjoy our freebies!


The most common retail math formulas in one pack.

The 4-5-4 retail calendar in excel format.

Shrinkage audit for your store to identify stock loss reasons and draft a stock loss action plan.

Retail business plan word document for new retail or ecommerce startups, with points to fill in each section.

A checklist for opening a fashion boutique store, with the main points to be covered before the opening date.


Ready-to-use templates that retail professionals use on a daily basis to simplify their work. These are the same templates we use for our businesses.

Can be accessed through our members area.

The template we use to budget our buying, keep tabs on our stock cover by product category and maintain a healthy level of inventory. Can be used to budget for any number of product departments, categories, classes or sub-classes. Comes with a detailed guide on how to use it and demo data to practice on.

The most common daily store operations checklists, trackers and registers, used to manage a retail store from opening to closing.

Opening checklist, key handover, safe content, IOU, banking, receiving,..& more.

A printable 80-page retail business planner that allows you to stay organized, plan your year ahead and track as you go. 

Everything you will need to create a financial & inventory plan for your business. 


Highly actionable, step-by-step processes and procedures used by retail professionals to deliver results. 

Can be accessed through our members area.

The step-by-step process of budgeting sales & margins for a retail or ecommerce business. Learn how to forecast monthly sales and set different gross margin targets for each month.

Sales budgeting is the first step in the retail budgeting process and is a pre-requisite for setting Open to Buy plans.

Retail Pricing

The step-by-step process of pricing an entire product portfolio for a retail or ecommerce business, in order to achieve the highest possible margins and deliver the end-of-year profit target.

Comes with excel template to price every received order.

Improving Gross Margins

A detailed guide on improving retail & ecommerce profits, by increasing gross margins. Here, we list 5 actionable tactics that allowed us to take our gross margins from 49% to 57%. Tried & Tested!

Learn how to achieve small wins that add up at the end of the year.

The step-by-step framework for the merchandise planning process for upcoming season. 

Exactly what reports to generate? What metrics to calculate? and how to use this information to create a good plan for the season.

How to plan your markdowns in advance, so that they go hand in hand with your overall budget and margin targets.

How to read a retail business’s P&L statement and the step-by-step framework to analyze the information on it. What are the numbers telling you about your different business functions and how to rectify each number?

The step-by-step framework to generate reports and analyze the performance of your inventory and compare between products/categories. How to use this information to make better buying decisions and improve your returns?


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