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Learn the right way to set a sales & margin budget that will be the base for your entire financial and buying plans.

Learn how to create a collective pricing strategy for your entire portfolio that employs different pricing strategies for different categories, in order to deliver your target profit goals at the end.

Learn how to improve gross margins through actionable steps that you can implement from tomorrow. This blueprint is based on a real-life case study for a business we have managed and improved its gross margins by 8 points.



Learn how to connect the dots and create a full financial plan, from sales to OTB, to P&L to cash flow, and download all the needed templates that get you started on the spot.

Learn how to read and analyze a P&L statement, and how to act on each section to improve final profitability.

Learn how to analyze the performance of your inventory by product/category and how to improve the returns on your future inventory investments.

The step-by-step process of merchandise planning for upcoming seasons. Learn exactly which reports to generate, what metrics to calculate, and how to use this information to create a new plan for the season.

Learn how to plan your markdowns before the year, to align with your targeted margins.



Peak into different real-life case studies with real retail problems and how they have been solved by professional retailers.

Topics Include:

  • Inventory Issues
  • Negative Cash Flow Situations
  • Product Mix Problems
  • Buying Budget Constraints

Read our member exclusive articles, where we answer specific questions and give ideas for alternative business models and best practices.

Go through our extensive library of 150+ articles, categorized by topics and covering the different aspects of starting and managing a retail business. Dig deeper into the topics of your interest, and go at your own pace.



Get into a structured learning experience that includes:

  • Video Lectures
  • Case Studies
  • Downloads
  • Practice Exercises
  • Assessments
Our courses cover specialized topics in retail & ecommerce and uses an MBA-style learning experience, where we explain the concepts and apply them to real life scenarios and business cases, so you get out with the most practical and actionable knowledge.

Besides the retail specific topics, we will also cover generic topics such as marketing, consumer behavior, economics and strategy, and will tailor the content to fit retail & ecommerce businesses, where all the examples and cases will be from retail. 

Our goal from our course offerings is to give you a holistic view over the different aspects involved in running a business, so you can connect all the dots and be able to run your business better, or progress in your retail career to senior levels.

For the current course topics, please check out this page.

As a Premium+Courses member, you will get access to all the courses that will be published during your membership period.

Complete the course and pass the assessment, and receive a downloadable certificate of completion.



Create a full retail budget that includes sales , OTB, P&L & cash flow plans. Download all the needed templates and practice on demo data that we provide.

Analyze the P&L of a retail store and identify specific reasons for low performance, just by reading the income statement.

Create an Open to Buy plan for a retail store, using excel sheet method and online tool method. Download the needed template and sample data to practice on. We show you exactly how to use this data for both methods to get the same result.

You can use the same data sheet to prepare your own store data for future OTB planning.

Practice using the different retail math formulas on demo sales and inventory data for a retail store.






Avoid costly over-stock or under-stock situations by setting the right buying budget that’s based on your sales plan.

Use our step-by-step online OTB tool to calculate your future purchases. We guide you through the entire process and show you where to get the needed data from. You will also be able to download an excel template to prepare your data.

Price right and set the correct intake margins by linking your pricing to your markdown plans, to deliver your end margin goals.

Our step-by-step markdown planning tool will calculate your final realized margin, based on your chosen intake margin and the level and frequency of discounting you have planned in your budget.

Make better future buying decisions by measuring the productivity of your products and calculate inventory metrics that will show you the ROI on every inventory investment you make.

Compare different departments, categories or even SKUs based on those metrics, and make buying decisions based on your analysis.

Are we going to make money at the end?

This tool helps you answer this question, by calculating your profits, based on your revenue estimates and expenses.

Project your profits and cash in advance and set your budget accordingly. Find out how much revenue you will need to breakeven, and whether you will have a positive or negative cash situation at the end of the period.





Open to Buy Excel Template

Use this Open to Buy excel sheet to track monthly intakes and calculate your required purchases. Combine it with our cash flow template to project payment to suppliers. (We explain in details how to do this)

Use this template to budget any number of product departments & categories, by creating any number of tabs as you require.

Besides using this template as a budgeting tool, when you keep this template updated every month with actual sales data as the months roll in, you will always have an overview on:

  • The current inventory level
  • The forward cover of this inventory
  • Whether you need to start clearing some inventory to open up purchasing budget for coming seasons

P&L Management Excel

Set & track your P&L budget, using this multi-store P&L template, and calculate your current SPD and your breakeven SPD by store.

See the results by store, as well as for the total business (up to 8 stores included, and can be expanded from your side)

Differentiate between store-level profit and total net profit, to make better decisions about stores openings/closures.

Plan and track your cash flow on a monthly basis for the entire year in advance, and connect it to your open to buy plan to project payments to suppliers.

See how each month will end, based on your sales and buying plans and plan for any negative cash situations in advance. Combine it with our frameworks and case studies for ideas on how to solve such problems and how to connect all the dots of sales, buying and cash flow together.

Use the pricing excel template to price an entire order at once, while making sure you are getting the targeted margin for the respective product category. We explain exactly how to use it in our Pricing Blueprint.

Store Opening Checklist

One excel workbook with ready-to-use, printable, daily checklists, logs and registers, used to manage a retail store from opening to closing.

Opening checklist, key handover, safe content, IOU, banking, receiving,..& more.

Retail Business Planner

Use our printable 80-page retail business planner, that allows you to stay organized throughout the year, and track weekly and monthly performance.



Get More Out of Your Retail Business

Start pricing correctly and don't leave money on the table

Improve your gross profit margins & final profitability

Buy just the right amount of inventory & save on storage

Build a better product mix that maximizes your returns​

Measure & compare inventory productivity by category​

Track monthly cash position & link it to your purchasing plan​

I have taught Retail Math class for more than 10 years. I have read your contents on and am so impressed.

Dr. Soo Hyun Kim, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Practice in Retailing and Consumer Science

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