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NOOS Merchandise

What is NOOS?

NOOS stands for “Never Out Of Stock”, and it’s a type of merchandise that is sold and stocked all year round, and is not subject to seasonality.

NOOS Merchandise Example

For example a fashion business could be carrying seasonal stock, that is launched in collections, such as Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections. Those styles come in different styles, colors and patterns, that change every season based on the trends.

Then there is another set of merchandise, which consists of basic styles (e.g basic plain t-shirts) that are sold and stocked the entire year. These basic styles are considered NOOS stock (sometimes also called NOS stock).

Differentiating between seasonal merchandise and Never-Out-Of-Stock merchandise is important while planning the assortment and placing buying orders, because seasonal merchandise typically has to be planned and ordered well in advance to allow for manufacturing, while NOOS stock has a shorter order lead time.

It is also important for merchandising & inventory management, because this type of stock is typically excluded from markdowns and clearance sales, unless the stock level is higher than required.

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