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Best Price Guns for Retail Stores

Price guns, aka price tag guns, are usually used at retail stores to add an extra piece of information (usually related to price) to the product’s original tag.

In this guide we will explain the different uses of price guns, how to use and load them, and our top picks of durable price gun brands for retail businesses.

What Is The Best Price Gun?


Monarch 1131 Price Guns


Perco Pro Price Gun


Avery Dennison 216 Price gun

What Are Price Guns Used For?

Despite having an original tag for each product, that displays the relevant information like size and price, sometimes retailers need to add an extra piece of information either temporarily or permanently.

1. Sale pricing

When items go on sale the new discounted price now needs to be affixed to the product. This is not only for the sake of convenience for customers to know the updated price, but in many places this is a regulatory requirement that each item shows the current price clearly on the label.

The price reductions are either temporary for a certain promotional period or permanently until the item is sold out. sometimes the item will go through a series of further markdowns, where the price will reduce further every few weeks. At each stage of these further markdowns the price has to be updated.

Due to the fact that using a marker or pen will get very messy with all those stages of markdowns and doesn’t look visually appealing to the customers, price guns have been the standard tool for affixing these new price information to the products at retail stores.

In case of temporary markdowns or promotions, the price has to be returned back to normal, so the sticker can just be removed from the tag.

2. Was & Now Pricing

Sometimes the regulations require showing the old price together with the new price in one place, to ensure that the store is actually running a discount as advertised and not only using the event to drive traffic without giving customers the actual offer.

In this case a 2-line price gun has to be used to display both the old price and the new price.

This is important to know before you buy the price gun, because price guns typically come in two different types: 1-line and 2-lines.

3. Garage Sales

Pricing guns are not only used at retail stores, but many people who hold their own garage sales to sell their own stuff use them to highlight the price of each item and make it easy for people to shop at their event.

4. Expiry Dates

At coffee shops, grocery stores and convenience stores pricing guns are also used to indicate the expiry date of perishable items.

How To Load a Price Gun?

If you have ever worked at a retail store before, you know that loading a pricing gun is actually sometimes a tough task !

Depending on the brand of the gun sometimes it becomes a very time consuming task and that’s why shopping for an easy to load price gun is advised.

This video from the manufacturer shoes how to load an Avery Dennison Monarch 113x price gun, which is also our favorite brand.

Steps To Load a Price Gun

  1. Open the compartment by pulling the side latches
  2. Insert the price gun rolls in the specified place between the label roll hubs
  3. Pull out the strip of the label rolls over the peel roller and hold it at the end
  4. Close back the compartment and insert the strip into the liner take up
  5. Pull the trigger few times until the roll strip fits into place

Price Gun Rolls

It is important while shopping for the right price tag gun to choose the correct price gun rolls.

Not only to make sure they will fit into the equipment itself, but also to get the right quality of adhesive materials used in manufacturing those rolls.

We have seen so many times rolls that were of inferior quality and the stickers just keep falling from the items after a while, which means even more labor hours and more rolls used.

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