Retail Dogma

Retail Pricing


Retail Pricing

The step-by-step process of pricing an entire product portfolio for a retail or ecommerce business, in order to achieve the highest possible margins and deliver the end-of-year profit target.

Comes with excel template to price every received order.

Improving Gross Margins

A detailed guide on improving retail & ecommerce profits, by increasing gross margins. Here, we list 5 actionable tactics that allowed us to take our gross margins from 49% to 57%. Tried & Tested!

Learn how to achieve small wins that add up at the end of the year.


Interactive & Easy-to-Use

Retail Margin Calculator

Calculate gross margin based on cost & sales price

Retail Price Calculator

Calculate target retail price based on cost & target margin

Markdown Planning Tool

Set your pricing based on your markdown level & calculate your intake margin

Markup Calculator

Calculate markup based on cost price and sale price


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