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Best Receipt Printer for Retail Stores

A receipt printer is a device that is connected to the POS system to automatically or manually print a receipt with the details of the transaction once the transaction is completed.

There are different types and brands of receipt printers on the market, and choosing the right one will depend on many factors, such as which POS system you are operating and which type of connectivity you prefer.

In this guide, we will explain the different types of receipt printers and how to choose the best one for your retail store.

In general we will recommend the top brands of receipt printers on the market, which are also the ones we have used at our stores and have proven to be reliable and robust. However; because even these brands come in many different models, we will guide you on which model to choose.

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Choosing The Right Receipt Printer

It is important before buying your receipt printer to first choose the POS system you are going to work on.

After you have chosen the POS system, you will then choose the printer that is both, compatible with the POS system as well as the device you work on.

For example some receipt printers will need an extra port to connect with an android device for the same POS system, as we will explain below.

Thermal Receipt Printers

Most of the modern receipt printers are thermal receipt printers. They use a specific thermal heat technology and a specific thermal paper to print the receipts.

The best thing about these printers is that the only consumable here will be the paper rolls. You will not need to buy and replace ink cartridges.

Type of Connectivity

The main differentiator between the different models of receipt printers is the type of connectivity with the POS system, i.e how the POS and the printer communicate together to trigger the receipt printing process.


Using a USB connectivity is a very straightforward and an easy plug and play process. The best thing about USB connected printers is that they will be able to communicate with the POS in offline mode (unlike ethernet and WIFI) and also the connection is faster than other wireless options, which is an important factor if you are running a high volume retail store.

We actually prefer USB receipt printers for this reason and our top pick will be of that kind.


Note: If you are using iPad without Square stand or a POS app on iPhone or iPad USB will not be supported. In this case choose an Ethernet model.

It should also be noted here that Android devices will need a special USB OTG (On-the-Go) adaptor to connect to the printer via USB.


Another type of connectivity commonly used by retail stores is ethernet.

Here the printer will connect to the router through an ethernet cable. Once connected it can then be connected to the POS via Wifi.

Devices will not be able to connect in offline mode


In this type of connectivity both devices will connect wirelessly to the router and then connect together through the same wifi network.

This type of connectivity is slower than USB & Ethernet, and so we don’t recommend it for high volume retail stores.


Bluetooth is another convenient mode of connectivity where both devices will connect together via bluetooth wirelessly.

It is however slower and both devices need to be in close proximity.

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