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Retail Budget Templates

Budget Templates for a Retail Business

Retail budgeting process

Our training programs come with several professional templates to help learners practice on real-life scenarios and get job-ready

We’ve packed together the resources needed to create a budget for a retail business (single store or multiple stores), which you can access  by enrolling in the academy and becoming a member

The Budgeting templates include a set of 3 retail budget templates (excel spreadsheets), that are ready-to-use, to help you implement your retail budgeting process.

The Open to Buy template comes with with a step-by-step PDF guide on how to use it.

You will also get access to the sales budgeting blueprint, as well as the full financial plan framework, so you can create a full budget that includes sales, cost, P&L, Open to Buy and cash flow plan.

We explain how use those templates in the academy and the members area.

In addition to that, you will be able to practice creating this budget in simulated data that we provide.

Which Retail Budget Templates Are Included in The Program?

1. Open To Buy Excel Budget Template

Multi-category Open to buy excel template that can be extended to multiple departments by duplicating the tabs. It has 18 months, so you can set a 6 months buying plan, 6 months in advance and use the extra 6 months to calculate forward cover. 

Use this Open to Buy excel sheet to track monthly intakes and calculate your required purchases. Combine it with the cash flow template to project payment to suppliers based on your payment terms. 

Use this template to budget any number of product departments & categories, by creating any number of tabs as you require.

Besides using this template as a budgeting tool, when you keep this template updated every month with actual sales data as the months roll in, you will always have an overview on:

  • The current inventory level
  • The forward cover of this inventory
  • Whether you need to start clearing some inventory to open up purchasing budget for coming seasons
This template is a very powerful tool to monitor and manage inventory levels.

2. P&L Excel Budget Template

Multi-store P&L template with 9 stores included (expandable from your side) and summary for total business at the end. It also includes an insights section at the bottom for each store, as well as for total business.

Set & track your P&L budget using this template, which calculates your current SPD (sales per day) and your breakeven SPD by store. It can be used for monthly budgeting, as well as yearly budgeting.

Differentiate between store-level profit and total net profit, to make better decisions about stores openings/closures.

3. Cash Flow Excel Budget Template

A monthly cash flow planning excel for a full year.

Plan and track your cash flow on a monthly basis for the entire year in advance, and connect it to your open to buy plan to project payments to suppliers.

See how each month will end, based on your sales and buying plans and plan for any negative cash situations in advance. 

Get access to all those resources and much more, by becoming a member.
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