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Retail Financials


How to read a retail business’s P&L statement and the step-by-step framework to analyze the information on it. What are the numbers telling you about your different business functions and how to rectify each number?

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The step-by-step process of budgeting sales & margins for a retail or ecommerce business. Learn how to forecast monthly sales and set different gross margin targets for each month based on your events calendar.

Sales budgeting is the first step in the retail budgeting process and is a pre-requisite for setting Open to Buy plans.

Improving Gross Margins

A detailed guide on improving retail & ecommerce profits, by increasing gross margins. Here, we list 5 actionable tactics that allowed us to take our gross margins from 49% to 57%. Tried & Tested!

Learn how to achieve small wins that add up at the end of the year.

We packed together everything you will need to create a financial & inventory plan in our members area.


Interactive & Easy-to-Use

Retail Margin Calculator

Calculate gross margin based on cost & sales price

Retail Price Calculator

Calculate target retail price based on cost & target margin


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