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Store Manager Training

The Store Manager Training Program is designed to help current and future store leaders build business acumen, industry expertise and leadership skills

Online Store Manager Training Program

Self-paced learning that's available to your teams 24/7

The Store Manager Training Program includes a set of courses that cover retail-specific topics, as well as business and management topics.

Store Managers will learn about:

  • Industry’s best practices in sales and operations management 
  • Retail math formulas and their applications
  • Budgeting for a retail store (Sales, cost and P&L budgets)
  • How consumers shop and how to meet them at their journey 
  • How to lead and motivate a retail store team, in order to achieve business goals

They will be able to complete the courses at their own pace, and receive certificates of completion for each course they successfully pass.

As an employer, and based on the plan you choose, you will also be able to check their learning progress, and send them motivational emails to encourage course completion.

Note: By default all business plans include all the courses in the academy, but you will be able to specifically assign the below courses to Store Managers on your team. 

Alternatively, you can also opt to give them access to all courses, or enroll them in the operational learning path.

What's Inside The Training Program?

Here's a list of the included courses

Retail Management Courses

In this introductory course we explain the fundamentals of the industry, its business model and keys to success.

Retail Math Course

This course teaches the different formulas for the different retail metrics and the connections between those metrics.

In this course we show the step-by-step process of creating realistic budget that is adjusted to seasonality. Learners then practice on creating their own budget

Store Management Course

This course details the process of managing retail stores and the different areas of responsibilities and how to assess the performance of each area.

Understand how consumers shop and why, and learn how to use this knowledge to meet them at different stages in their buying journey.

This course teaches the process of managing sales, and how to read and analyze sales reports and take actions based on them.

Learn what drives people’s performance and how to motivate them to achieve business goals.

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