Retail Dogma



Seasonality in retail refers to a predictable surge in sales during a specific time of the year, due to certain recurring event or “season”. Examples of Seasonality in Retail It should be noted that seasonality differs from one retail segment to the other and from one region to the other. That’s because it is tied …

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How Do Retail Stores Make Money?

Retail is a service industry, and retail stores make money by providing the service of making merchandise available for customers to buy conveniently. Retailers do not have to be manufacturing the goods themselves, although some retailers do design and sell their own private label merchandise. Read Also: What is Retail? The Business Model: How Retail …

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Retail Budgeting Process: Step by Step Outline

This is a step-by-step outline to the retail budgeting process

You will learn about:
Retail Budgeting Steps
Importance of Budgeting & Planning
Retail Budgeting Missteps
Mastering Retail Budgeting

Open to Buy (OTB) : The Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to the OTB (Open-to-Buy) concept in retail

You will learn about:
OTB Definition
Retail Buying Plan Template Components
Open to Buy Budgeting Steps
Importance of OTB
Retail Buying Plan Considerations