Retail Dogma


How Retail Arbitrage Works

Retail arbitrage has been around for very longtime, but has come under the spotlight in the last few years with the shift to online selling and with having platforms that facilitated the process and made it easy for anyone to start a retail arbitrage operation on their own. What is Retail Arbitrage? Retail arbitrage is …

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Forward Stock Cover

Forward stock cover measures how long the current stock on hand will cover future forecasted sales periods. This measure is used in inventory management to ensure product availability and adequate stock on hand coverage. It is also used during the buying budget calculation to ensure the inventory ordered is enough to cover sales for the …

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Open to Buy (OTB) : The Complete Guide

This is a complete guide to the OTB (Open-to-Buy) concept in retail

You will learn about:
OTB Definition
Retail Buying Plan Template Components
Open to Buy Budgeting Steps
Importance of OTB
Retail Buying Plan Considerations