Retail Dogma


Sell Through Rate

What is Sell Through Rate? Sell through rate represents the number of items sold out of the number of items received and is measured for a given period (e.g one month or entire season). What is The Sell Through Formula? Sell Through Rate = Number of pieces sold ÷ Number of pieces received x 100 …

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Order Lead Time

What Is Order Lead Time? Order lead time is the amount of time it will take the supplier to have your order ready for delivery from the day you place your order. If you place your order on 1st of Jan and your order will be ready for dispatch by 1st of Feb, then the …

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Bargaining Power of Suppliers

Bargaining power is the relative ability of each of the negotiating parties to reach an agreement that works to their own advantage. In any industry, a business will be facing two types of bargaining power: Bargaining Power of Suppliers Bargaining Power of Buyers The higher those powers, the less profitable will be the company, because …

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